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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 25, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. iranian push wpb bearing at 300 yards. no response. weapons uncovered. >> senior u.s. defense officials confirm to fox news four vessels from iran's revolutionary guard corps harassed an american naval destroyer yesterday near the strait of hormuz. two iranian boats came within 300 yards of the "uss nitz." the u.s. navy is calling it
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unsafe and unprofessional. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. this adds to a long list of provocative moves by iran, after they captured u.s. sailors, test firing ballistic missiles, funding terrorist groups, rhetorically threatening the u.s. and israel. and confirming today that just two days after steering $400 million in cash to iran in a covert payment timed to coincide with the release of american hostages, president obama and his administration paid the islamic republic three times that amount. another $1.3 billion in interest. wiring that money directly to iran in three payments. the payments traced back to the 1970s and money iran gave the u.s. for military equipment before the hostage crisis of that era erupted and the u.s. responded back then by freezing
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iran's assets. there is much more to this story and we go to james rosen at the state department. >> reporter: for the first time, the state department provided a timeline on when it made this $1.3 billion interest payment to iran. following a series of explosive reports from "the wall street journal," the obama administration this month has sought to rebut charges that it paid ransom for five americans released from iranian captivity back in january. even as senior u.s. officials admit they withheld the $400 million until they received word that the hostages were being set free. a linkage of the prisoner release to the payments that the state department had previously denied. the obama administration confirmed on january 19th, a treasury department account, known as the judgment fund, was used to send iran an additional 13 payments, each for
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$99,999,999.99, or roughly $100 million to satisfy the interest that washington negotiated with iran. the total pay out of $1.7 billion was lower than the judgment taxpayers might have been forced to pay if a judgment hadprevailed. the state department refused to provide additional information about why hard foreign currency was used for the initial payment or why there was a 14th payment in the amount of $10.4 million. >> we have a practice of not commenting publicly on tra transactions to respect the privacy of our international partners. >> reporter: fox news was told last week and just a few minutes ago that hearings will be held on this subject. >> we want to know who
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authorized this. we want to know when. we want to know the timing. and we also want to know the particulars about the cash and the payments. why unmarked bills when other avs were possible in terms of satisfying whatever interest the government may have had. >> reporter: those 13 payments of roughly $100 million left 13 cents unaccounted for. that led matt lee of the associated press to ask the department if it intended to use those 13 cents as leverage for the next round of american hostages in iran. bret? >> unbelievable. james rosen at the state department. james, thank you. more on this with the panel. but what do you think of all this? will this have any repercussions for the president, his administration, or for that matter, hillary clinton? let me know on twitter
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@bretbaier. the u.s. military says an air strike in syria may have inadvertently killed an unknown number of civilians. the u.s. central command suggests the possibility of civilian casualties. it says that non-military vehicle drove into the target area after the weapon was fired from the aircraft, possibly killing the occupants of that vehicle. gunfire, explosions, and chaos. that was how witnesses described the scene of an organized terror attack at the american university in kabul, afghanistan today. a security guard is dead and 18 people wounded. the search for the killer or killers is ongoing in kabul. connor powell has the latest from the middle east tonight. >> reporter: bret, for the last six hours, hundreds of afghan students and teachers have been trapped inside the american university of afghanistan. these afghan students in there,
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primarily western faculty, have not been able to leave their classrooms. afghan security forces, aided by u.s. and nato advisers, have been sweeping the grounds looking for any sign of remaining attackers. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which began around 7:00 p.m. local time. this is home to more than 1700 students and is an american-government sponsored school. it's been a long target for the taliban. now, multiple attackers stormed the grounds using a combination of bombs and guns. at least one security guard is dead and two dozen injured. several are in critical condition. the attack comes just a few weeks after two teachers at the school, including one american, were kidnapped and bret, in the last several weeks, we've seen a deterioration of the security situation in afghanistan, making this situation just sort of an ongoing trend that we're seeing
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there. several key areas have been taken over by the taliban. bret? >> connor powell, thank you. we'll continue to watch this. now to the campaign trail here in the u.s. the evolution of donald trump, the presidential candidate, is continuing tonight. the man who captured the republican nomination by vowing to build a wall and kick out 11 million plus illegal immigrants, is starting to sound a lot different from the man who will spend the next 75 days running for president. carl cameron is with the trump campaign tonight in jackson, mississippi. >> reporter: at a rally in florida, donald trump urged minorities to trust him. >> african-americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians. hispanics are tired of being used by these phony politicians. believe me. >> reporter: in texas, trump appeared to walk back his plan for mass deportations, suggesting that otherwise law
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abiding undocumented immigrants can stay. >> we're not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. >> reporter: trump during the primaries, accused his roivals for backing amnesty. they warned trump voters in the end mass deportation would never happen. >> criminals will be deported, but you can't round up 11 million people. >> we've been bumped over and over again by people that give us a great campaign speech and they don't walk the walk. >> reporter: despite saying he would strengthen immigration controls, trump has no plans to send new legislation to congress. >> if you start going around trying to make new laws in this country, it's a process that's brutal. we want to follow the laws of the country. >> reporter: with polls indicating he's more disliked by minority in modern history, he plans to meet minority leaders
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tomorrow and will argue that clinton and liberal policies are holding minorities back. >> crooked hillary clinton discriminates against african-american students by opposing school choice and because she's owned and paid for by the education bureaucracy and, of course, wall street. >> reporter: trump supporters and surrogates have suggested without evidence that clinton has health problems. trump seemed to join them as he misspoke while criticizing her today. >> and with total premeditation -- premeditation. could be the first one was right. you know, i might like premedication better. >> reporter: trump on monday said top chicago police officials told him if they could be tougher with citizens, they could solve the city's crime problems quite quickly.
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today, the chicago police officials said publicly that none of them have spoken nor do they know donald trump. bret? >> carl cameron on the campaign trail, thank you. donald trump's selection of breitbart boss steve bannon to his campaign is bringing new attention to the alternative right and what that means. doug mckelway explains tonight. >> reporter: among the huge crowds that greet donald trump in city after city are members of the newly coined alt white, white, blue collar, rural or red state and for them, trump has struck a chord. >> we are going to build the wall. >> reporter: as much as it embraces trump's message, the alt right has rejected the traditional gop, labeling them conservatives who are supposedly emasculated by progressive forces. critics have found a villain, labeling them as uneducated racists and sexists.
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but the alt right movement is not so easily cat kegorizecateg. >> the idea that america is just a nation up for grabs, that whoever can get here owns the place, no, we think that the united states has an identity, and that the people who are distended from the founding stock have a right to resist dispossession. >> are you a racist? >> absolutely not. i don't know what that means. >> reporter: also identifying with the alt right, a flamboyant, openly gay conservative, who has embarked on a college tour, intent on destroying political correctness. >> if people rise up now and say this political correctness, microaggression, this stuff is horse [ bleep ], and if enough people smash its strangle hold, it will never recover. >> reporter: some jewish
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conservatives who criticize fox, have been targeted by the alt right. some say the alt right is a predictable outgrowth of multiculturalism. >> when you have a multicultural society, you don't have political parties anymore, you have people voting their ethnic group. >> whatever you say they are, they tend to say they're not, whether it's racist, countercultural, anty clinton
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to its goal of raising $1 billion for the general election. in los angeles yesterday, she raised more than $6 million and
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attended a fund-raiser co-hosted by casey wasserman, a clinton foundation donor and sports executive whose name appeared monday in a set of clinton e-mails that showed him trying to get state department help with a visa for a british soccer star with a criminal record. clinton aide huma abedin pushed back and that request was never requested. the clinton campaign has requested the a.p. retract a tweet. the a.p. is standing its ground, saying "this reporting was done by the same a.p. investigative team that discovered mrs. clinton's private e-mail server, and traced it to her basement in new york, and whose reporting last week resulted in the resignation of donald trump's top campaign strategist." the a.p. had to sue the state department for secretary
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clinton's public e-mails, phone records, and calendars and they say it is those calendars for the entire tenure of her being secretary of state that led to them writing this story the other night. back to you, bret. >> jennifer griffin in san francisco. thanks. we have a new illustration tonight of what the fbi director characterized as the extremely careless handling of classified information by hillary clinton and her team. catherine herridge is here with the story tonight. >> reporter: thank you, bret. a newly released e-mail suggests huma abedin left classified papers in the seat pocket of a staff car to india with then secretary of state hillary clinton. abedin asks another staffer, seen here on the right, to move the papers to the trunk so that the u.s. ambassador to india would not see them. in the intelligence world, a burn bag is used to destroy
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classified records. and in the e-mail abedin refers to as the work papers as burn stuff. she said, there's a bunch of burn stuff in the pocket of my front seat. can you put in the trunk? all classified material to be destroyed must be placed in containers designated in burn bags. the state department spokeswoman said today there are other uses. >> i'm not aware of the fact, i'm not aware of what went through this individual's mind, but i will dispute the fact that burn bags are only for classified info, because it's just not true. >> reporter: in addition to the ongoing lawsuits that produced the email, the fbi director's team recovered another 14,900 clinton e-mails that could be
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released as early as october and november. today, a republican in the house government oversight committee says those records support the case for perjury. >> she said that her attorneys reviewed every e-mail. comey said that was false. she said there was no classified markings. comey said that was false. she said that all work-related e-mails were turned over. comey said that was false. obviously we know that's false, because we're getting 14,plus additional e-mails. >> reporter: the justice department and the fbi have the congressional request, but it's so far not publicly indicated what they will do or whether anything will happen before november. bret? >> catherine, thank you. stocks were down today. the dow lost 66, the s&p 500 fell 11, the nasdaq gave back 42. breaking news from space tonight. scientists say they have discovered an earth-like planet closer to us than ever before. they say the planet is orbitting the nearest star to our solar
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system. this is an artist conception of what it might look like. scientists say it's rocky like earth, closest enough to its star that liquid water is possible. however, there's no information about an atmosphere yet and the planet has not been seen. it was detected indirectly. it is 25 trillion miles from earth. trillion with a "t" meaning our fastest spacecraft would take 78,000 years to get there. up next, the lay of the land for senate republicans in their effort to hold on to control. but first, here's what our fox affiliates are covering. in the twin cities, minnesota senator amy klobuchar nearly lost her daughter to an allergic reaction. lawmakers call for an investigation into the 500% increase in epy pens. the ceo of that company that makes them is the daughter of west virginia democratic senator joe mansion.
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in austin, texas, a local craft brewery is back to business after producing thousands of cans of water for flood victims in louisiana. the brewery has come up with 900 cases of water. that's 17,000 cans. they mounted a similar effort to help the people in flint, michigan. this is a live look in indiana in indianapolis, the big story there tonight, tornadoes and severe storms. bad weather sparked a fire at a school bus barn. a maintenance worker says half the buildings no longer have roofs on them. and indiana governor mike pence says he's in touch with emergency personnel from the campaign trail. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway on "special report."
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america's election headquarters in depth tonight, with a look at the fight to control the u.s. senate. let's take a look at the balance of power in the senate today. republicans hold the majority. 54 republican senators, 46 democrats. actually, 44 democrats with two independents here in green, who caucus with the democrats. so we put those two in the democrat's column. democrats need to pick up five seats to take back control of the majority. republicans are defending 4 senate seats this year. democrats are only defending ten. we focus on this map on the 13 states that are the hottest contests that could see a change. new hampshire, pennsylvania, north carolina, florida, ohio, indiana, illinois, wisconsin, iowa, missouri, colorado, arizona, and nevada. if the election were held today,
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based on the average of polls today in each of these 13 states, here's what the map would look like. democrats would pick up four seats and the senate, as you see here, would be tied. 50-50. the control of the u.s. senate would then be decided by which party won the presidency. if hillary clinton won, vice president kaine would break the tie. if donald trump won, then variety pence would keep the majority in republican hands. again, these results are based on the average of polls in the senate races today. that could obviously change. in fact, there are a number of scenarios about how each of these races go depending on how the top of each party's ticket does. one state democrats are defending, this cycle that republicans had high hopes of changing, was colorado. democratic incumbent michael bendit is up against conservative incumbent darrell glenn. glenn is facing a real uphill
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battle in the shadow of the rockies. >> reporter: the senate seat held by democrat michael bennett was once considered vulnerable, an opportunity for the gop to build on its majority by picking up another seat in november. but so far darrell glenn has had trouble gaining traction. >> it is my privilege to stand here and support our next president, donald trump. >> reporter: the air force veteran won a surprise underdog victory in the primary. he was invited to speak at the republican national convention. >> i'm an unapologetic christian constitutionalist second amendment loving veteran. >> reporter: but glenn has failed to make headway in a swing state leaning left. >> you wouldn't call it a navy blue state, but it's on the blue side of purple. >> reporter: like donald trump, glenn has been criticized for failing to make the pivot to the general election. >> they must not be paying attention, because our message
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has pivoted. i don't like the phrase pivoting. >> i think congress has been ineffective. i think my office has been very effective getting results for colorado. >> reporter: bennett was appointed to the senate in 2009, replacing ken salazar who became interior secretary under president obama. he won in 2010 by less than two points. >> i understand that i represent a state that is a third democrat, a third republican and a third independent. >> reporter: the most recent poll has the senator up by 16 points among likely voters, with numbers like that, the outside financial help the underfunded glenn may have hoped for has flowed elsewhere. >> into a number of other state where is republicans are desperately trying to defend the seats of embattled incumbents.
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>> reporter: the colorado chapter of the afl-cio denied ben it its endorsement, blaming his support of the president on international trade deals. bret? s is >> now to a story we first broke here on fox. for weeks, the state department refused to stay whether it considers the videos of its daily press briefings that the department uploads to its website each day has federal records. it's an important point, because the department has been investigating the deletion of eight minutes from one such video from 2013. that deletion wiped out an exchange which then the spokesperson appeared to confirm to james rose than the department had previously lied to the news media about the iran nuclear talks. the state department says it cannot determine if it was the result of a technical glitch or deliberate. today, the national archives and records administration confirmed to fox news that the state
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department's briefing videos are, indeed, federal records. the federal records act makes tampering with such documents a crime. republicans in congress are vowing to continue their own investigation into why that video was doctored. now to overseas. the american warplanes are supporting syrian and turkish rebel forces in a battle against isis terrorists. it comes as the president's number two tries to smooth things over with an important american ally being courted by the competition. kevin corke has the story tonight from the white house. >> reporter: vice president joe biden's meeting with the turkish president. the white house admitted today the visit was meant at least in part to block accusations by some turkish officials that the u.s. helped facilitate the july 15th coup. >> the united states of america
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did not, did not have any foreknowledge of what befell you on the 15th. >> reporter: that declaration came as the u.s. joined the turks in an offensive against isis, which authorities blamed for last week's bombing attack at a wedding party that killed 54. but tensions have flared because of this man, who lives in pennsylvania, has millions of followers who support his moderate islamic teachings, and has been accused by president erdogan for inciting the failed coup. experts believe washington's unwillingness to return gullen is part of the reason erdogan is willing to cozy up to moscow. >> erdogan wants to send a message to the united states that they have to be attentive
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to his interest, particularly regarding the extradition of gulen or he has other options. >> reporter: the russians have already launched military operations from inside iran and syria. and analysts assert vladamir putin would like nothing more than to pull turkey from its ties with the west and there by block nato's eastward expansion. >> he wants absolute power, like putin has. he wants to be surrounded by yes men and unquestioned authority in his country and he doesn't want the west and the united states bothering him about the absolute erosion of turkish democracy. >> reporter: for the record, bret, and this will be instructive, mr. gulen and president erdogan were close allies until 2013, until gulen accused the president for becoming too authoritarian. bret? >> kevin, what can you tell us
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about the united nations report on the use of chemical weapons in syria? >> reporter: we were expecting the u.n. to officially say the assad regime had been using chemical weapons on the people of syria. there is a report that confirms that. let me share what ned price of the u.n. security council is saying. it says, it is impossible to deny that the syrian regime has repeatedly using industrial chlorine as a weapon against its own people. that's a violation of the chemical weapons convention, not a big surprise here at the white house. bret? >> kevin, thank you. we know more tonight about the story we brought you tuesday. north korea launching a ballistic missile from a submarine. south korean officials say the missile traveled 310 miles before smashing into the ocean. that's the longest distance the north has achieved for such a weapon. it reached into japan's air defense zone. it could potentially strike u.s.
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military bases on okinawa. dozens are dead after an earthquake rocked italy wednesday. the mayor of the town says the town simply isn't there anymore. john huddy is live at ground zero tonight. hello, john. >> reporter: bret, you can see the damage behind me. the death toll has climbed to 159 people killed. and that number has continued to escalate since the quik struck wednesday morning. we are now in the overnight hours. i want to show you this behind me. search and rescue teams continue to search for survivors, digging through the debris and rubble of the destroyed buildings like this. what they're doing is cleaning out, clearing out debris, and then crews will go out there with flashlights and will look around again. this is one of the hardest hit areas. the quake struck at 3:36, as i
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said, early yesterday morning, as people were sleeping. italy's military has been helping with the civil protection agency, with crews using canines, sniffer dogs, with any and all equipment they can get into these hard-hit areas. the narrow winding country and mountain roads are making it very difficult for crews getting in and out, especially to villages like this, which is nestled along the mountainside with its tight brick and cobblestone streets. aftershocks and trimmers have made the rescue efforts difficult. there was another tremor this evening, and the search team standing atop the rubble scrambled to safety, as other parts of the structure began crumbling. as soon as the rocking was over, they began their work again. and they sounded a whistle. that's the signal for people to
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stop talking, for vehicles to be shut off, that they may have heard a sound, possibly person buried beneath the rubble. in this case, in the times we heard it, they were unable to find anybody. but the search obviously continues. we do know that an 8-year-old girl, possibly 10 years old, we're trying to confirm the age, but she was pulled alive from the rubble from one of the other villages in central italy that was hit by this earthquake. but at this point, the death toll has climbed to 159 people dead. crews will be working overnight as the search and recovery effort continues. but the first 72 hours are critical at this point. so again, this is going to be an all-night effort in these areas and towns that have been absolutely devastated by this earthquake. bret, back to you. >> john, thank you. a magnitude 6.8 earthquake
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struck burma today. it damaged nearly 100 ancient
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the only bit of news that is relevant on this is the fact that we paid cash. the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with iran, that we couldn't send them a check. and we could not wire the money. >> that wasthe pentagon talking about the $400 million payment in foreign currency, hard cash, to iran that was flown in. talking about that, answering questions about it. we now learned that it was tied,
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according to the administration, to the release of those hostages, not putting that cash in there until they were released to see that payment. but now we've learned that two days after the $400 million in cash was sent, the u.s. wired 13 payments of $100 million each to iran. we'll start there with our panel. charles hurt, political columnist, amy stoddard, and charles krauthammer, syndicated columnist. charles? >> the question is, can they not stop lying about this? the president says we had to send the $400 million in cash because we don't have a banking relationship and we can't write a check. two days later, they wire the money, or they send a check through the banking system, and he said we couldn't do it because of sanctions. this is one lie after another.
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it's an administration attempting to cover its tracks. not because anything illegal happened here, although that's possible. but because it's hugely embarrassing. i mean, iran has been taking advantage of this, knowing that this administration can be walked over, humiliated, be forced to abandon all its red lines. for example, can launch missiles and we do nothing, with impunity. and now as you reported, harassing our ships. our ships could blow them out of the watt we are a blink of an eye. but we're not going to do that. but there's a psychological warfare happening here. iran wants to show the region that it's in charge, with its russian allies, with hezbollah, with syria on the ground, with its 100,000 militia in iraq and it doesn't have to pay any attention to the united states. and we have a president who goes along with it in every detail. >> here is the state department
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today about these 13 $100 million payments wired. >> the staggering of the payments such that each is just under $100 million, that was kind of odd, was it not? >> i can't speak to that, jim. >> but you're not defying that's the case? >> i don't have enough knowledge to answer your question. >> it's my understanding this is essentially the way that these funds are administered out of that account. >> the way that these funds are administered out of that account? the president said we couldn't wire them the money. now it's not odd that they paid $99,999,999 in 13 separate payments. >> apparently it is legal. it comes from a pot of money in the treasury department that is supposed to settle litigation with payments out of a judgment
1:43 am
fund, which is an interesting name, where congress just permanently funds this pot and he doesn't have to go through and get approval for these payments. he didn't have to tip anybody else. >> let's just make clear, this goes back to the '70s when iran gave the u.s. money for military deal. it was frozen, and now the president and the administration saying that we got off easy because we would have had to pay them more and we got off for less. however, the administration didn't tell congress anything about the payments. either the cash or the wires. >> so they paid the iranians back for the amount, plus this is the interest over all those years. a lot of money. they did it without notifying anybody or consulting. the bottom line is this, we learned from "the wall street journal" that president obama was warned by the iranians they would pull out of the talks over the nuclear deal when he
1:44 am
threatened a red line against president assad of syria for use of chemical weapons. he backed down from that to keep the talks going. and the big picture is, he's hung his legacy on this iran nuclear deal. he doesn't care how people are criticizing him. he believes years from now it will make him look good in the history books. you can see what he did through these payments, in addition to backing off the red line, just how much it meant to him and how far he was going to make it work. >> in the meantime, this. you have these iranian ships, fast boats, intercepting a u.s. navy vessel, no the straight of hormuz, and there you see them. dangerous, we're told by the u.s. navy they came within 300 yards of this warship. it's a continued provocation that we've seen from iran on a number of fronts. >> this is psychological warfare at this point. iran is thumbing its nose at the
1:45 am
united states, because of all of these decisions that were talked about right here. my favorite part of this, the thing about dropping it down to $99,999,999, that is something that drug dealers do. that's what people who are laundering money do in order to avoid being found out that they're withdrawing these huge pots of money. but going back, it's become common practice that the administration uses this judgment fund in this way, but it's still a real question about whether it's constitutional or not, because congress has to vote on these things. and the constitution is very explicit that no money shall come out of the treasury that is not voted on by congress and congress definitely didn't vote on this. >> they held back 13 cents, so we should be fair. >> for leverage. >> i think that was because they had a 99 cent special on ransom.
1:46 am
it's rare that it happens, but it happens. you've got to look at why would they do this. it must be because it allowed them to get under the limit of a reporting requirement. of course this is an attempt to make sure that no one knows and when it dribbles out, they say well, there's no news here. >> is there any political payment for the administration, for hillary clinton in any way, shape, or form for how the administration has pulled this off? >> i don't think it's going to affect her. she was not in office when it happened. you could say that she began the negotiations during her term, but this is way down the road. this isn't on her plate. this is on the president's plate, and as charlie said, he did everything, including not lifting a finger during the iranian revolution of 2009 in order to get this deal. history will remember this and it will be the worst mark on his
1:47 am
legacy of foreign policy. >> political payment? >> i disagree. i think if donald trump was a better presidential candidate, he would try to make her comment, even though she's avoiding media interviews. >> and news conferences. >> about whether or not our intel on isis was cooked, whether or not he'll continue in the same way on a number of issues. she just hasn't had to answer these questions. >> donald trump should be able to make this into an issue. this is the obama administration's foreign policy chickens coming home to roost, his failure to deal with this responsibly is somehow tied to the terrorism, the terrorist attacks we see around the world. next up, donald trump is changing his tune on immigration and reaching out to minorities.
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had. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. they came in legally, and that's fine. but when they come in i will locally, that's a whole different story. they are here illegally, you take them. they have to go back. we have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. they will come back, -- some will come back. the best, through a process. they have to come back legally there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. >> people are questioning about the evolution of donald trump on the issue of immigration and where it's going. a supporter of his, conservative author ann coulter who wrote a book about supporting donald trump is worried about it. >> i'm starting to worry
1:52 am
that he is panicking and talking to the wrong people. is he sounding a little bit more like the candidates he defeated with the talking points about softening on key porting the ones who are here and been here a long time. that's true. why tonight you say my policy is consistent. they say. this this could be the shortest book tour ever if he is softening his position on immigration. >> starting the book tour now. charlie, is this a problem or is this a positive if he does outreach to independents and moderates? >> no, i think it's a problem. is he not going to win over a bunch of democrats or independents who don't like his position on immigration by saying what he told sean hannity last night. he needs to tread very carefully about this. the field is littered with republicans who have tried to sort of outplay democrats on amnesty and the reason
1:53 am
that he won the nomination, whether people like it or not is because he was against it and he talked about enforcing the personal recognizance. he shouldn't talk about anything but, you know, building his wall and enforcing immigration laws that are on the books. and just stay away from all the rest of it. >> a.b.? >> well, i agree with charlie that this is a man who ran starting june 15th, june 16th of 2015 as an immigration hardliner and 10 weeks before the election he is going to change his policy. but he doesn't know what he is going to change it to. he said there is going to be a softening. he continuing to say. he said many conflicting things on bill o'reilly in an introduce the other night so nobody can pin him down where he is going. when it comes to mass deportations which is a radical proposal and one that would never pass the congress and we can't afford and various other reasons we can't work out. run on all along his
1:54 am
campaign manager says that's to be determined. this is pretty amazing if this was a defining issue of your candidacy that 10 weeks out you are going to change your position but you need time to figure out new one. >> remember, in the primary, that this issue whether he was going to change on immigration came up time and again it came up at our debate in detroit. there was a "new york times" piece about that they had an off-the-record meeting. a suggestion that possibly he had said something like this in the off-the-record session. you remember ted cruz made a big deal about that. i think we still have the sound bite. senator cruz from the debate march 3rd. take a listen. >> that's why this "new york times" tape is so troubling because what's been reported is that donald told the editorial board of the "new york times" what i'm saying on immigration i don't believe. i'm not going to build a wall. i'm not going to deport people. this is all just rhetoric for the voters. now, if he didn't say that he has an easy solution, simply release the tapes. charles? >> well, you know, if this
1:55 am
is evolution, this is like a plaaplataplus. this is not evolution. this is a complete turn about. the worst thing is not just that it's a change of policy. it's that look at what happens to the underlying logic. the logic of the policy was, this is what -- this was the tent pole of his campaign. the politicians are idiots. the politicians are stupid. the politicians are sold out. they don't care about you. and what did he say? we don't have borders. we don't have a country. they are all flocking in. they are killers, they are rapists and the country is a divided crime scene as he said in his speech at the convention. as a result of this and now he tells us oh, the laws are wonderful. administered by bush and obama. i don't want to change any of it. i will be a little more
1:56 am
energetic that undermines. did he ever mean it? i believe the answer is probably no. >> the people say it's starting point and negotiation. we will see what happens. that's it for the panel. but, when we come back, we will get your feed back on our
1:57 am
finally tonight, we asked you news whether the u.s. wired $1.3 billion in interest payments to iran and 13 separate wire payments after getting iran $400 million in cash. would have any repercussions
1:58 am
for president obama or hillary clinto from resort workers sadly no. it's unfathomable to me how they get away with the endless corruption and betrayal while congress sits i'd idly by. >> tracy, no: the country is so divided no matter what the scandal. we are all going to line up to support our party. and jackie mcmillen tatum, this is so shady, i can't even believe this type of thing could happen. that is a little bit from you. that's it from "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. martha mccallum is in for greta. she goes "on the record" right now. "special report" online >> it is thursday august 25th. the death toll rises from the
1:59 am
rubble. >> a little girl found alive after being buried after 17 hours. the devastating before and after pictures and the new threat of the earthquake. >> just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the chances of an october surprise just got real for healthcare. he's not done with the document dump. >> some angles that are quite interesting. >> this morning the clintons in full damage control mode. >> and we get your kids aren't as excited to go back to school as this little guy looks. >> i am going to first grade and then i am going to college. >> meet the kid who will
2:00 am
literally make your day. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. this it is thursday morning. one more day until the weekend. you are watching "fox & friends first." we are almost as excited as that little boy. >> i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. >> the founder of wikileaks promising to produce a new round of docks


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